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Absolutely Retro Minimalist Simplification part 3






My latest vid documenting progress in simplifying my clubman

Cheers Comrades

I love this angle

I love this angle

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Absolutely Retro Minimalist Simplification

My car has been driving me bonkers over the last two years with an intermittent fault which finds it coughing and spluttering and then refusing to run properly. I am pretty sure that the issue is electrical and although I have been trying to trouble-shoot it I have finally come to the conclusion that the best solution is to go totally retro and ditch the EFI and the ECU in favour of carburettors and distributor ignition. The aim is to simplify everything as much as I can so that the car is much more user friendly and more reliable.

Anyway check out the vid that I posted to my YouTube channel.

Today my task is to see if I can fit the Nissan drive dog to the Lucas distributor then it will be only adapting the original Nissan distributor housing which needs to be put into a lathe so that a Morris distributor spigot can be fixed inside it. then it should make the right noises

Cheers Comrades


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28 Dodge tourer

Regular readers may recall me talking about my brother’s lovely old 28′ Dodge. Well I’m happy to be able to report that he has made some great progress on the car of late as the pictures below will testify:


These fenders have had the attention of an old school professional pannelbeater and now that they have been painted they look delightful


The same chap made the front valance piece from scratch when the original was beyond repair


Glossy is an under statement!


The seats have been recovered before and missing springs replaced with blocks of foam


the old cover removed from the frond squab


new springs are being sought


the front seat back uncovered


wood was used a great deal in early cars


the core of vintage seats is much the same as inner spring mattresses


pretty good for a very old seat!


seat back cleaned up


there are two ways to make pleats this is one f them


Cut your Material into 100mm strips and sew them back together


looks good!

There you have it and I hope to soon ride in this fine old automobile
Cheers Comrades

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Morris Eight updates

I have just realised that I have not added the last few Vids to this blog  and I will now remedy that omission

Cheers Comrades


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Morris Eight Project part six

More progress on the body work in particular I have fixed the bottom of the grill with a patch piece  and begun to make the body sides which makes the car look more like my vision for the project.

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Morris Eight Project part five

The latest vid on my progress with the Morris project; its coming along rather nicely and I am learning how to make the most of my new panel beating kit that my children gave me for father’s day.

As I have had time to think about the colour of the engine components I tend to think now that it must have been rebuilt at some point because it should have been painted green, and will be again after I have taken the head off and re-seated the valves I will have a good look at the ports while I have the head off and at the very least try to match them to the Mini manifold that I have bought for the car, Extractors would be very nice however at this point in time I just want to keep engine tuning rather modest just making the engine breathe  better should give worthwhile gains without a large expenditure.

Morris 8

Morris 8 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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